ScienceTellers is now Talewise!

We are changing our name as we expand to additional subject areas besides science. Everything you love about ScienceTellers is staying the same. This exciting change just means that we can share even more adventures with you! 

 COVID-19 & In-Person Shows

For the safety of our audience members and performers, in-person shows will return for Fall 2021 in limited areas. We are continuing to expand our selection of on-demand and virtual shows. Catalog

We produce fun, interactive learning experiences through the art of storytelling.

Our Show

Talewise is Evolving!

We’re excited to present our brand new show structure! Our storytelling is now fully animated, allowing us to share even more engaging and exciting stories with you. Each show also comes with new bonus features and educational resources.


We tell exciting stories that feature kids as our heroes, whose adventures lead them just about everywhere -- castles, spooky houses, spaceships, you name it! We use their experiences throughout the story as a springboard to explore various science concepts. 

For example, if, in our story, the power goes out during a thunderstorm, the audience gets to learn all about electricity and what causes blackouts.

Next Generation Science Standards

On-Demand Streaming and Virtual Shows feature science lessons taught through captivating imagery, while In-Person shows feature science experiments performed live at your location with the help of audience volunteers.

All our science lessons and experiments are rooted in Next Generation Science Standards, ensuring that the content of our show supports the curriculum in the classroom.

Interactive Host

Every show features an enthusiastic host who guides you along on the adventure! They lead critical thinking discussions throughout the story and help kids relate the events in the story to their own experiences. They also get the whole audience up and moving with fun, physical brain breaks!

In-Person shows feature audience volunteers who help conduct science experiments.

Bonus Activities & Resources

The fun and learning continue even after the show! Every show includes additional bonus activities for the kids, including coloring sheets, puzzles, and science experiments to try at home.

In addition, each show comes with helpful teacher resources, like study guides, vocabulary lists, creative writing activities and critical thinking worksheets.

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