Aliens: Escape From Earth

Presented by talewise
During a midnight meteor shower, something mysterious falls from the sky. But it's not a shooting star...
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Two curious kids see something crash way out in the desert. When they go to investigate, they find themselves mixed up with a visitor from another planet! Pursued by a kooky space scientist, the kids try to rescue the friendly alien and return it to its family ... before it's too late!

Buckle up for an out-of-this world action story! Along the way, you'll discover the wonders of physical science and chemical reactions through jaw-dropping Next Generation Science experiments!
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Highlights & Features


About 45 minutes (10-15 minutes of story and 30-35 minutes of science experiments).


Written with grades K-5 in mind. Younger and older students will have fun, too!


We recommend a maximum of 250 children per show. For larger groups, consider multiple shows.


The science curriculum is each show aligns with Next Generation Science Standards.


Each experiment is conducted with the help of several audience volunteers.

All groups!

We perform for schools, libraries, scouts, camps and rec, parties -- anywhere there are kids and families!


$350 per show.